Introducing LiveHire & CVCheck.

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May 26, 2020

As organisations begin to emerge from the fallout of the pandemic, they’ll need more assistance than ever before when it comes to rebuilding and rehiring their teams. 

This seamless, two-way integration between LiveHire and CVCheck allows hiring teams to validate candidates job readiness quicker than ever by inviting them to complete checks and assessment through CVCheck, directly within the LiveHire job vacancy.

CVCheck’s technology assists organisations in quickly and efficiently performing employee background checks, all on platforms without having to play any games of phone-tag. This includes employment reference checks, qualification checks, police checks, credit checks and traffic and license checks.

LiveHire’s technology allows you to source, engage and hire the best candidates, faster. LiveHire combines AI-powered sourcing, candidate relationship management and a modern ATS in one to dramatically improve the end-to-end hiring process.

When creating a job vacancy from the LiveHire platform, you can add checks and assessments directly to the job vacancy by selecting the relevant package. These packages can be customised by CVCheck, and tailored specifically to your business needs. Once the package has been selected, you can invite candidates to complete their checks and, once completed, the results will be returned directly back into the LiveHire platform. 

As an exciting extension of our integration with CVCheck, they also include the ability for clients to embed online reference checks from market leader Xref, directly within the CVCheck background checking packages that are integrated into LiveHire. This will benefit clients by being able to send out both a background check and an online reference check at the same time through two market-leading providers.

Want to see how this seamless integration can help your team get back-on-track? Chat with your CSM today or visit our Marketplace.