Introducing Job Candidate Suggestions, Document Viewer, & more

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Nov 05, 2018

You may have noticed we have recently been making some improvements to the LiveHire platform, but if you are yet to discover them let us fill you in!

Job Candidate Suggestions

Candidates will automatically be suggested from your Talent Community, Talent Pools and the Live Market as soon as a job is opened leveraging LiveHire smart algorithms.

This allows you to proactively invite quality candidates to apply for jobs before you even post the job, embedding proactive recruitment processes into your traditional job opening process and saving you time performing talent searches.

Availability: Pending immediate rollout to early adopters.

#Note: Please contact your CSM if you’d like to be an early adopter.

Add attachments to messages

You now have the ability to attach documents to the messages that you send candidates both individually and in bulk.

Candidates can also attach documents and send them to you!

This helps bring candidate conversations onto the platform giving you greater visibility of your candidate relationships and providing additional opportunities to leverage LiveHire for your recruitment marketing.

All attachments are viewed from within the LiveHire platform encouraging users to keep their profile up to date and live.

Availability: Now!

To learn more you can view our help centre video, or read our help centre article.

Next/ previous actions

You can now add candidates to bulk action selections when reviewing multiple profiles and can view the selection by using the next/previous buttons.

This means that you can save time actioning multiple candidates, and save time reviewing multiple candidates.

#Tip: Think of it almost like online-shopping and putting candidates into a cart.

Availability: Now!

To learn more you can read our help centre article.

Document Viewer for Latest CV and other documents

We’ve integrated a document viewer into the platform so that you can now view a document without having to download it.

You can also view the candidate’s latest CV from their profile without having to download it.

By not needing to download documents, you’ll be able to save time when reviewing candidates CV’s.

#Tip: You will still have the ability to download the CV if you like to see them in their original formatting!

Availability: Imminent rollout to all customers

To learn more you can read our help centre article.

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