How can we support your organisation’s High-Volume Hiring needs?

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Mar 12, 2019

Organisations tend to need to hire high volumes of candidates during periods most critical to their productivity and revenue generation for their product or service. When tackling High-volume hiring (HVH) recruitment projects the most common dilemma faced by hiring teams is that they receive the extremely high application volumes in a period when they are the most time poor and need to hire at their fastest pace.

Traditional Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)’s have attempted to tackle this obstacle through the creation of impersonal email automation and upfront screening. These solutions have had a negative impact on how the candidate perceives the employer brand and application process of that organisation. And a result, the traditional process can result in a large number of applicant withdrawals throughout the process which then impacts the quality-of-hire, recruitment productivity and cost, turnover and overall business growth, as well as, an impact to your brand reputation.

What LiveHire has discovered, through client results, is that the first crucial step that an organisation needs to adopt to perform HVH effectively is to create pipelines, or pools, of qualified candidates prior to the roles being available. By building these pipelines of qualified and interested candidates, organisations will no longer have to rely on posting a job online, leaving a short lead time to source, engage, and hire the right candidates. This will, therefore, eliminate last-minute high volumes of low-quality applicants and instead leave your recruitment team with the ability to hire from a pool of highly qualified and engaged candidates.

The LiveHire platform is uniquely designed to create and personally engage with Live Talent Pools of talent for HVH roles in advance. This volume hiring product can focus on bringing more pre-qualified and engaged talent through a volume-based recruitment process that is more personalised, efficient and collaborative for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates.

Since implementing LiveHire, Australian retail brand Tree of Life increased their capability for high-volume hiring by doubling the hires made in 2018 compared to 2017. By having the ability to reach out to candidates from the previous year that had been Talent Pooled with positive feedback, Tree of Life was able to quickly shortlist candidates through integrated application questions, while engaging with them in an authentic and personal way thus increasing candidate experience.

Read the complete Tree of Life case study here.

In 2018, LiveHire clients who participated in high-volume hiring saw an average time-to-hire of 42 days.

To help our clients further reduce their time to hire and overall responsiveness to High-Volume hiring demands LiveHire has enhanced the end to end recruitment journey with a design thinking lens eliminating bottlenecks and creating efficiencies:

1. Start with engaging your past applicants and Talent Pools

You know you have a need for a lot of new hires soon, but where do you start?

If you’re new to LiveHire and haven’t built up your Talent Pools yet, let us start you off by helping you personally engage with past applicants en masse to candidates to join your Talent Community using our optimised LiveHire Connect invite process.

Candidates that sign up can be found and engaged more easily through LiveHire’s intuitive Talent Search which now has the ability to find candidates based on their proximity to a specific city/suburb radius.

Worried about too many responses? Don’t worry the average response is generally a big thank you that requires no response.

2. Need more candidates? Ask candidates to express their interest!

If you need to grow your pipeline of quality candidates for upcoming roles with an affinity to your organisation who are interested in upcoming roles you can still advertise your project on your internal intranet and on your careers site as a low barrier Expression of Interest that minimises the impact of rejection and maximises candidate experience, you can promote further on social media as needed.

3. Assess fit fast with integrated and gamified assessments

Use fun, engaging, gamified personality tests, cognitive tests and skills assessments during or outside the LiveHire Expression of Interest or Job Application process to bulk match candidates around their attributes and cultural fit, in addition, their experience and skills, which enhances opportunities for applicants across the business.

4. Identify and action your best candidates fast with filters and bulk actions

You can easily filter down to your best candidates by any combination of keywords, assessment score or status so that you can immediately perform bulk actions to invite candidates to video interviews/interviews and events, Talent Pool them or even Assign or Invite them directly to high volume jobs already approved for sourcing.

5. Help your Hiring Manager streamline the job creation & approval process

Hiring Managers need positions filled fast but don’t always have the time or expertise to create a job requisition and send it for approval with the right information to start recruitment.

Now you can create Job Templates for common roles that can be used by Hiring Managers to quickly create job vacancies with the right details whilst ensuring governance aligned to your own Recruitment Processes configured on your behalf by your Client Success Manager. Once they have created the job vacancy Hiring Managers can even request approval from all approvers at the same time enabling Parallel Approval reducing an often hidden bottleneck ‘Time to Approve’.

6. Once high volume jobs are approved, let LiveHire do some matching for you

As soon as you open an approved job and before you consider posting, matching candidate suggestions are immediately displayed to you from relevant Talent Pools, Jobs and Expression of Interest campaign/projects. These candidates can be assigned straight to the job or invited to apply further info is required to consider them eligible.

7. Share dynamic Shortlists with Hiring Managers 

Ever shared a Shortlist with a Hiring Manager via email only to find a few more great candidates a few minutes after you email them?

You can now stop downloading CVs for Hiring Managers and start sharing direct links to the latest Shortlist that the Hiring Manager can access at any time via LiveHire.

8. Save time playing phone tag, conduct reference checks effortlessly online

You can arrange for online reference checks to be completed without having to leave the LiveHire platform and save time playing phone tag with referees.

Launched in 2012, LiveHire helps leading organisations build extraordinary workforces, fast. LiveHire is a productivity and collaboration enterprise software for recruitment teams, delivering an end to end, fully integrated, talent sourcing, pipelining, communication, and hiring platform. LiveHire helps organisations of all sizes see their future potential workforce in advance, and attract and hire more diverse, quality talent into their business on-demand, through an unrivalled candidate centred experience.

Want to learn more? You can register for a demo with us here, or chat to your CSM about how you can implement these features.