General Pants hit 100,000 Talent Community members šŸ™Œ #HighFive

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Aug 06, 2018

As retail legends General PantsĀ reach a LiveHire first milestone with 100,000 Talent Community Connections,Ā Ā it’s time to celebrate their achievements, and explore this best-in-class example of how to attract talent in this competitive industry.

Launching in 2016, General Pants haveĀ been trailblazersĀ in the retail sector by allowing interested candidates to express their interest in working with the brand, even if there isn’t a current position available. General Pants not only uses their social media, website, and careers page to connect with candidates, but they also use in-store advertising, because they know that consumers are always the best employees!

The HR Team at General Pants explains more:

“Having a Talent Community provides us with the opportunity to connect with candidates who know our brand and have an interest in working with us here at General Pants.

Future talent is able to join our Talent Community even when there isn’t a vacancy. LiveHire enables us to have a seamless candidate experience which can play a huge role on our employer brand.

We are proud to say that LiveHire has enabled us to create an experience where we are communicating almost immediately with our candidates. We respond to our prospective talent within two hours of receivingĀ a message from them.

We keep notes directly on the candidate’s file, so if one of the team is away, the other is able to pick up and know where they have left off. This helps us maintain our employer brand and create a great candidate experience.”

General Pants’ Customer Success Manager,Ā Kartik Ayyalasomayajula says:

“General Pants are a wonderful customer and always excited to work with LiveHire to further enhance their recruiter and candidate experience.”

The HR Team at General Pants continues by stating:

“With over 100,000 Talent Community Connections, and still growing, we cannot wait to meet the talent that will joinĀ our crew.”

You can check out the General Pants Talent Community here, andĀ see what all of the fuss is about.

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