Part 3: Use your Employee Value Proposition to grow your Talent Community

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Jan 31, 2017

This post on finding your employee value proposition is the third in a series on what a Live Talent Community is and how to use one to drive greater recruitment productivity, quality of hire, and candidate experience.

In the previous lesson, we covered how big your Live Talent Community needs to be to ensure 100% proactive hiring for all your future roles.

Today, we’ll discuss how to create and communicate an Employee Value Proposition (or as I prefer to call it, your purpose) for your business that will be used to attract great talent to your Live Talent Community ongoing.

Finding your Employee Value Proposition


A wise person once told me, don’t hire people that buy into your companies vision, hire people that see your company as a platform for realising their own visions. Only then will you have a team that is truly motivated, aligned, productive, and high performing.

Discovering your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract the best talent is an important step in building a successful and sustainable Talent Community, and the good news is this is not something you need to perfect from the start, it is something you build on over time. It’s about finding your voice, and you can only do that with practice and an audience.

Every time I hear someone in HR say “we’re not ready for a Talent Community as we don’t know our EVP yet” I cringe. How can you possibly develop an EVP in isolation of your candidates!? They are your audience that you bounce and learn from.

When considering where to start, think about this;

Laszlo Bock, the SVP of Google’s People Operations explains the only two reasons people choose to work for you long term are:

The quality of people they work with.


The feeling that the work they do has meaning.

That’s all!

So it makes sense that the way you convey your employee value proposition should be based around these two themes;

1. Discovering the qualities of the team you have, and
2. Knowing what drives your team to do what they do.

Then share and bring this to life through content and I guarantee you it will attract like-minded high-quality people.

For us at LiveHire, we recognise that time-to-hire across whole of organisation has more than doubled in the last 5 years (from 28 to 68 days), the average lifespans of large organisations continues to shrink (more than quartered in last 50 years from 75 to just 15 years), the average tenures of people in jobs continues to shrink, technology continues to displace or dis-intermediate entire workforces, and society pays the price of a lethargic employment system that prefers to hire for existing “skill” over “will”, with large cohorts of people unable to contribute fully (the participation rates of willing and able workers in the US and Australia are around 67%).

Basically it’s taking companies longer and longer to bring in the talent they need, and companies are dying at an ever increasing rate as a result. We want to fix this.

LiveHire’s purpose is to empower the flow of the world’s talent into every organisation like liquid, to create a more agile, open and awesome working world where everyone can live the career they love.

We drive our purpose forward every day with an incredibly talented team of designers, developers, analysts, marketers, client solution partners (basically listeners) and customers success (basically teachers) who value transparency, honesty, curiosity, determination and collaboration.

Sounds like a purpose and culture you want to help with? Why not join LiveHire’s own Talent Community and help us create a world that works.

See what I did there?

I combined the qualities of our team, with the meaning and purpose of our work. And if it resonated with you, you probably clicked on the Talent Community link. This is how we find a lot of awesome talent already pre-aligned with our business purpose.

So we write about this purpose, often weekly, and we get better at it with every go. We spread the creation of content amongst our team, and our voice becomes more sure, and the comments and feedback we receive guide our EVP further. Pretty quickly something magic happens, people start to gravitate towards our content, follow it, and join our community. The longevity of this content is incredible and can be re-posted on a quarterly basis to attract new readers and talent.

The great thing about creating a Talent Community, is it opens up a world of sourcing channels for talent you may have never experienced, and these channels are all the better for conveying your value proposition through actions, to attract the right people.

You can re-publish your content on many different sites to build followings, including your own blog like WordPress, then LinkedIn pulse, followed by Medium. These are all free resources that attract readers and web traffic.

So whilst finding your employee value proposition is an ongoing journey, to get you started here is a simple exercise. 

Pick a business area within your organisation and spend 30 minutes quizzing people face to face on what they love about their job, what qualities they see in their colleagues, and why they do what they do.

When you are onto an interesting theme, do not back out of that line of thought until you have asked three more probing questions to get deeper into that topic.

Do this with 3 to 5 people, individually and privately, working in the same area. Asking questions is the best way to make people feel valued, and you will be amazed at the quotes and insights you will gain from this exercise.

Repeat this with 3 groups across your business, and record the audio interview, if you can video the experience on your phone, even better, as people will open up more despite the initial reservations of the camera.

This is the foundation of your Employee Value Proposition.


You will hopefully have gleaned valuable insights on what excites your team, the mission they are personally and collectively on, and the challenges they overcome each day personally or with their team.

This will give you the content and ammunition to start to convey your EVP in different mediums, from YouTube, to Twitter, to LinkedIn to Facebook to Medium. Get your team involved personally in as much of this content as possible, as it is the quality of your employees that will ultimately attract the right talent.


For example if you work in construction, have one of your supervisors write a short piece about the values and themes that came out of your research, and post it on LinkedIn with links to your Talent Community. Video one of your leading hands on site, using your phone, performing a particularly challenging task whilst they talk you through it, then post it on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube with a link to your Talent Community.

Here is one of my favourite examples of KPMG’s workforce collectively finding their purpose.

You get the idea?

This content becomes an asset that will attract talent to your Live Talent Community long after a job advert you paid good money for has lost its web traffic.

So I hope that has inspired you, remember your EVP and content around it is not something you must complete prior to launching a Talent Community, but something you will build on over time.


In the next post we will help you set your Talent Community up for launch, discuss who to invite first, and how to have it growing fast with high quality talent.

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Adios for now.