Deliver professional offers to candidates quickly with a humanised online experience that compels candidates to accept

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Sep 18, 2019

You’ve spent valuable time, resources, and money finding the perfect candidate, but then they reject your offer. Why?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A variety of factors could be to blame: they accepted another offer, they simply changed their mind, or maybe they had questions about their contract, but they didn’t know how to contact the relevant person.

At LiveHire, we discovered that 70% of our clients are currently managing offers manually. This means HR and TA teams are likely to be manually generating offers for candidates and in many cases requiring candidates to manually sign, scan or mail back their offer letter making it difficult to track where everything is at. Not only is this a time-consuming exercise, but it’s also taking HR and TA teams away from more high-value tasks. 

Manual offer management means candidates have a less humanised experience. When reviewing their offer, they have no easy means of directly and easily contacting the recruiter to ask questions about the role. Without someone to talk to, this often means that questions about salary, benefits or any other points addressed in the offer go unanswered, and the offers could be rejected when their questions could be easily answered.

LiveHire with its clients has set out to deliver an entirely new offer experience for hiring teams and candidates alike that humanises the offer process and compels candidates to accept whilst reducing the administrative effort for hiring teams leveraging online offer generation.

Head of Employee Experience at oOh!media, Alana Bennett says:

“Offer management is the last piece of our recruitment process to move into the LiveHire platform. This means our whole recruitment process from recruitment requisition approvals to contract generation sits within the one platform! #TAGoals

We have been able to work very collaboratively with the LiveHire team to co-develop a solution that is fit for purpose, allowing for simplicity and flexibility.”

How will Livehire’s online offer experience benefit your organisation?

1. Reduce spend and effort

Automating the offer management process with an online offer experience will reduce administrative burdens on HR and Recruitment teams and help boost team productivity.

2. Improve candidate experience and offer acceptance

Reduce the time it takes to send an offer to candidates delivering with automated online offer generation and a humanised online offer experience that enables candidates to review their offer online and instantly contact the recruiter if they have any questions candidates are more likely to accept.

3. Improve process visibility

Easily track where your candidates are at in the offer process, with LiveHire offers you’ll know when candidates have viewed an offer and easily follow-up with them leveraging LiveHire’s humanised two-way email & sms chat features and you can easily view accepted offers at any time.

What differentiates us from other online offer functionality on the market?

  • Easy to manage and edit offer templates and offers online saving your team valuable time, compared to other tools which require you to manually download and upload templates to make edits/changes
  • Send offers to candidates faster, reducing time to accept and time-to-hire with the ability to request offer approval at the same time and dual email and SMS offer communications with candidates
  • Candidates have the ability to easily message you with questions about the offer, increasing their likelihood to accept leveraging LiveHire’s unique 2-way email and SMS chat features
  • Candidates can review and accept their offer on any device

So how does LiveHire’s online offer experience work?

With LiveHire Offers:

Employers will be able to…

  • Build and manage offer templates online
  • Auto-generate offers and send them for business approval
  • Send offers to candidates electronically faster
  • Reduce time to accept and improve candidate experience and acceptance rates
  • Save time and reduce costs managing and administering offers 
  • Improve process governance and reduce risk

Candidates will be able to…

  • Electronically view, accept and decline offers on any device
  • Ask questions about an offer

LiveHire offers an award-winning, cloud-based Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform. It dramatically accelerates the end-to-end hiring process through unique capabilities in candidate sourcing and engagement, revolutionising the candidate and recruiter experience and enabling businesses to thrive with talent on demand.

If you’d like to learn more about how LiveHire can help you to source engage, and hire the best talent, be sure to book a demo with us today. Or, if you’d like to learn more, be sure to chat to your CSM.

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