Your brand’s reputation may be in jeopardy!

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Apr 16, 2018

This is a public service announcement: Despite how much you spend on advertising, your companies methods of reactive recruitment could be destroying your brand’s reputation!

Now that we’ve got your attention, how?

Well, it’s simple. The traditional hiring process tends to focus solely on the successful talent, those that have secured the advertised role. In this moment of excitement, companies often fail to acknowledge that the hiring process involves more than just the hired talent. They don’t recognise the unsuccessful candidates, those that perhaps didn’t have such a positive experience, those that potentially didn’t hear back at all.

But, why worry about them, you ask? We filled the role, and I told them that only “suitable candidates would be contacted” in my generic confirmation email? We’re busy, we can’t respond to everyone!

Let me explain to you why treating all prospective candidates properly is so important for your brand’s reputation.

Imagine that 100 people apply to a role that’s been advertised online with your company. Maybe 10 people receive a response of some kind; your hiring manager follows up with a phone interview, and maybe even meets some in person. That potentially leaves 90 candidates who received nothing more than an automated rejection email, and maybe not even that (and this is just one role!).

What feelings do you think those 90 candidates harbour towards your brand? What do you think they’ll tell their friends, family, future work colleagues about your company if it’s brought up?

Trust me, it won’t be positive! I never heard back from an interview with an ice cream shop as a teenager, and I’ve never gone back! And neither has anyone in my family!

Your company can invest thousands, even millions into positively marketing your brand, but stories of negative experiences have the power to override all of your companies hard work! Do you really think someone who applied for a job as a teller and never heard back is going to apply for their next loan with your bank? Think about it!job boards and candidate rejection are killing your brandSo, how does LiveHire eliminate this threat to your brand’s reputation? 

It creates a positive candidate experience. 

The proactive recruitment method empowers the candidate, while at the same time, humanises the recruitment process. Instead of receiving generic automated email responses (or maybe none at all), candidates are able to communicate directly with hiring managers.  The candidates are in control; they control their profile, who views it, and when it goes live. The candidate-centric experience means no candidate will be left in the dark wondering when and if they’ll hear back. If a candidate isn’t right for the job, they aren’t rejected. They get talent pooled and considered for more relevant roles in the future. No application goes to waste!

Can you see the difference?

Don’t put your brand’s reputation in jeopardy, create a positive candidate experience!

LiveHire offers an award-winning, cloud-based Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform. It dramatically accelerates your end-to-end hiring process and revolutionises your candidate and recruiter experience

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