What do Australian Workers really think about the overhaul of the e457 visa?

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Jun 05, 2017


The Government’s recent overhaul of the e457 visa was met by the Australian public with bouts of criticism and contentious discussion from both the general public and the Australian Workers. Standing to potentially close pathways to permanent residency for over 15,000 migrants annually, data suggested that as a consequence, foreign workers were opting to reject Australia as a work destination.

In response, media outlets focused on the opinions of high-level institution executives, such as the Association of Australian Medical Research Institute and ASX100 listed companies in relation to the e457 visa changes… and that’s great.

But what about the opinion of the Australian worker? In understanding the changes and the reason for coming about, it’s vitally important to understand if Australian workers even believed migrant workers on e457 visas had a positive impact on Australia’s economic prosperity, to begin with!

LiveHire’s fortnightly SMS survey is generated to present an insight on Australian workers views regarding popular political, economic, and social topics. So, to understand the reactions to e457 in context, our most recent survey asked the following question to our Australian Worker Database:

“Do you think migrant workers on e457 visas have a positive impact on Australia’s economic prosperity?”

Our data concluded in a 56% swing to the “Yes” camp, with only 44% of respondents stating “No”.

This unique perspective and insight are both crucial and intrinsic to understanding the complex and ever-evolving behaviour of Australian Workers, and future and past decisions in relation to the future of the e457 visa.

At LiveHire, we work with the media to generate Australian worker based surveys on request. If you’re interested in sourcing or citing LiveHire for a past, present, or future surveys, please contact us at [email protected] .