AI Integrates into your Recruitment Platform: The LiveHire Hiretual Sourcing Solution

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Jun 22, 2018

The LiveHire-Hiretual integration and AI Sourcing Solution will find the right candidates for your LiveHire Talent Pools and jobs – faster with Hiretual’s AI.

Find the right candidates for your LiveHire Talent Pools with Hiretual’s AI

LiveHire’s technology aims to empower the flow of the world’s talent, allowing all people to live a career they love. The technology allows organisations to create diverse and innovative workforces. Hiretual’s vision integrates flawlessly with LiveHire’s intention to make the internet recruiter friendly, find what cannot be found, and empower talent sourcing to be 10x faster.

This sourcing solution will make it easier to find the best quality candidates by:

  • Searching from over 30+ sources (including LinkedIn) 10x faster
  • Searching over 700 million professional profiles 10x faster

From here, it’s easy to add the best candidates to LiveHire; meaning you source better talent, faster!

Benefits of using Hiretual for Sourcing:

Benefits of using LiveHire for Sourcing:

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