Our Story

LiveHire is a proactive talent technology platform. To achieve our mission of creating a world that works, our powerful but simple product empowers candidates to connect with the Talent Communities of companies and organisations that they love.

Launched in 2012, LiveHire began as a marketplace connecting employers with talent on-demand in the mining and resource sector. Today, we help Australia's biggest brands to engage with talent through the creation of Live Talent Communities. LiveHire exists to provide a simple, transparent, and rewarding experience for anyone on their career journey.

Meet the team

LiveHire recognises the lack of diversity on our board as a challenge to be solved. If you have experience in scaling global SaaS technology companies and a passion for helping people live careers they love, get in touch. Don't be shy, say hello ›

Dani Andersson Dani Andersson Senior Pre-Sales Consultant
Billie Baker Billie Baker Candidate Experience
Rochelle Bevis Rochelle Bevis Creative Copywriter
Paul Bridgewater Paul Bridgewater Head of Partnerships and Alliances
Stoo Brighting Stoo Brighting Infrastructure Architect
Yu-Ann Chen Yu-Ann Chen Head of People & Culture
Freda Cheung Freda Cheung Graphic Designer
Ken Coffman Ken Coffman Developer
Matt Cole Matt Cole Software Engineer
Jamie Collins Jamie Collins Developer
Jacqui Davy Jacqui Davy General Counsel
Russell Delroy Russell Delroy Capital Markets Advisor
Malachi Douthit Malachi Douthit Customer Success Manager
Charly Duffy Charly Duffy Company Secretary
Anshu Dutta Anshu Dutta Developer
Nick Forbes Nick Forbes Sales Development Representative
Christy Forest Christy Forest CEO
Emma Ferris Emma Ferris Workplace Experience Specialist
Shih Ching Fu Shih Ching Fu Business Analyst
Grant Galvin Grant Galvin Commercial Execution Director
Antonluigi Gozzi Antonluigi Gozzi Founder and Chief Products Officer
Dan Harper Dan Harper Head of Integrations
Michael Haywood Michael Haywood Founder and Growth Director
Matt Howe Matt Howe Developer
Simon Howse Simon Howse Financial Controller
Phoebe Hutton Phoebe Hutton Account Manager
Daniella Iljon Daniella Iljon ICT Business Analyst
Tzvia Iljon Tzvia Iljon Talent Community Analyst
Winnie Kaur Winnie Kaur Support and Test Analyst
LJ Kenward LJ Kenward Product Owner
Oleg Kobets Oleg Kobets Automation Tester
Robbert Lammers Robbert Lammers Director of Marketing
Nelli Lovchikova Nelli Lovchikova Developer
Ben Malone Ben Malone Chief Financial Officer
Simon McCulloch Simon McCulloch Developer
James McQueen James McQueen General Counsel
Giuseppe Mondazzi Giuseppe Mondazzi Finance Manager
Geoff Morgan AM Geoff Morgan AM Chairman
Colt Ni Colt Ni Developer
Lukasz Owczarek Lukasz Owczarek Customer Success Manager
Paul O'Donnell Paul O'Donnell Developer
Andrew Perrett Andrew Perrett Talent Acquisition Specialist
Kwin Phan Kwin Phan Data Analyst
Daniel Reichman Daniel Reichman Developer
Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Chief Tech
Hannah Savage Hannah Savage Candidate Success
Loris Scalzo Loris Scalzo Developer
Alastair Schirmer Alastair Schirmer Product Partnerships Director
Will Sheers Will Sheers Product Manager
John Sneddon John Sneddon DevOps Engineer
Yvonne Sims Yvonne Sims Commercial Manager WA
Brett Stevenson Brett Stevenson Developer
Jarrod Stooke Jarrod Stooke Customer Success Manager
Pranendra Sukul Pranendra Sukul Senior Business Development Manager
Teja Thota Teja Thota Quality Assurance
Geo Verghese Geo Verghese Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant
Kaitlyn Vu Kaitlyn Vu UX/UI Designer
David Vuu David Vuu Head of UX and Design
Paul Walker Paul Walker Developer
Delia Wang Delia Wang Product Analyst
Michael Weintraub Michael Weintraub Business Development Manager
Ashley Wilson Ashley Wilson Customer Success Consultant
Adam Zorzi Adam Zorzi Non-Executive Director