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What happens when a diverse and talented bunch of people, with big crazy ideas and an anything is possible attitude come together to rethink the way people connect with the workplace? The result is LiveHire, the world's first live talent ecosystem. Full of human connection, full of possibility, full of life. Why do we do it? It's pretty simple actually. We believe everyone deserves to live a career they love.

Our values

Reach. Hire.

A quirky play on words with powerful meaning. We never lose sight of our purpose of bringing people and employers successfully together, human to human, millions of times. Reach hire is also our poke to continuously raise the bar in the code we write, the experiences we design, and the miracles we deliver for our clients and users.

Own It. Together.

Changing the world requires both individual brilliance and exceptional teaming. We play to our strengths, deliver what we promise, trust each other to lead, and always, always, fail forwards together. Achieving the unthinkable takes incredible focus and alignment, but when you own it together, anything is possible.

Be Curious. Always.

Why would you ever give up the opportunity to learn something new? Whether it's a technical hurdle, a customer's latest challenge, or designing wonderful user experiences, we're always eager to question why? and ask not tell. We also know the simplest way to show people they are valued is to ask them what they think.

Open. Honestly.

Fighting for fairness and equal opportunity in the workplace is at the heart of what we do. We bring transparency and sharing to the employment market to foster participation and opportunity for everyone. Within our team we share our knowledge and have open conversations with facts and honesty, because we care about making the best decisions possible.

Does that resonate with you? If so, we designed a team offering to help you thrive.

Design your role

Everyone at LiveHire brings unique strengths, some of yours you may not even know yet! So we go out of our way to listen, design and constantly evolve and tweak your role to maximise every opportunity to work on what you love. We understand roles go stale (pardon the pun), but passion and vision do not.

Flexible working

It's not about where you work, or when you work, but how you work. Connected, inspired, impactful. Whilst we are very proud of our office spaces and culture, we understand some times you just need to be alone, in a different environment altogether, or work at different times to get stuff done.

The tools you need

We know building great technology requires great technology, so we make sure you have the best, up to date tools of the trade to weave your magic.

Uber, Flights and Airbnb

Steve Jobs said creativity is the connection of things, and at LiveHire we know the more we connect, the more we create value. We have offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, so if you wish to spend some time working alongside other team members, our Uber, flight, and Airbnb company accounts will get you there and accomodate you in style.

You are an owner

Every person at LiveHire is a 'go-the-extra-mile' person. Being such a person and delivering great results brings great equity benefits. We want our employees to share in LiveHire's success so our salaries and bonuses are designed to help you feel, think, and perform like a Founder.

Geek out your way

If you're gonna stay at the top of your game that means geeking out regularly and learning new stuff. No matter if it's learning mindfulness or becoming an AI wizard, if it's going to build a better LiveHire it's on us.


Want to live the career you love?