.Net Developer
NSW - Sydney Metro
Software - Developer
Software Engineer
Team Leader
Software & Applications Programmer
Software Tester
Software - Architect

I am qualified .Net application developer with over 8 years of experience and Master Degree in related field.




CHOICE Magazine - .Net Web Developer
Media & Telecommunication - IT & Communications
NSW, Australia
Software - Developer
Software Engineer
Team Leader
Sitecore developer
  • Development and maintenance of new modules of Choice website and other in house applications, developed in .Net and sitecore
Web Design Solutions Sydney - Software Developer
IT Services, Software & Hardware - IT & Communications
NSW, Australia
Software & Applications Programmer
Software Engineer
  • Australian Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme PBS issue a monthly schedule for subsidised medicine to pharmacies. My role was to develop a system to convert XML based schedule into readable format for other systems.
  • Developed an application for transforming Australian Pharmaceutical Benefit scheme’s (PBS) XML/XSLT data into SQL Server based tabular data for easy integration with other systems. (C#.net, MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server)
FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences - Sr. Software Engineer
Education & Training - IT & Communications
Software & Applications Programmer
Software Engineer
Software Tester
Software - Architect
Team Leader
  • requirement gathering from end users and interaction with management for building of customized solutions
  • mentor the application development team
  • create project plans for new developments including resource management and assignment of tasks within the team
  • liaise with higher management regarding application development progress
  • management and configuration of central source code repository for multiple applications
  • provide user training and ad-hoc reporting using SQL queries and Crystal Reporting
  • development and implementation of new in-house modules and software such as Academics Management System (NeON
  • installation, configuration and monitoring of windows servers
  • deployment of application releases to the distributed servers
  • maintenance of existing in-house applications and development of new modules in existing applications (ASP.net, C#, SQL Server and Oracle 11g)
  • maintenance, support and development of FAST-NU web applications such as NU Official website, Alumni portal and Job portal
  • customize existing academic software such as RADIX and NUTES according to comply with academic rules and polices
  • provide 2nd and 3rd level support for multiple applications for users
  • Developed an automated Student-Course registration module, in accordance with university rules and policies, which eliminated the need for students to submit paper based forms and the course coordinator role from the process.
  • Successfully introduced and established department wide source code repository system (TFS) for continuous integration and to facilitate other developers.
  • Initiated and deployed Secure Socket Layer (SSL) across all 5 campuses which reduced unsecured exposure
  • Developed work flow based grade generator module for faculty, which increased productivity, usage of system and removed manual work after deployment.
  • Designed, developed and implemented windows based service for RFID reader. This helped management to track records of all employees and streamlined the human resource process. (Win Forms, C#.net)
  • Outstanding job performance enabled rapid career progression and promotion from Software Engineer to Sr. Software Engineer and Team Lead position.
  • Completed Master’s degree in 2 years during full time work. At the same time mentored 2 trainees, both of whom were given responsible positions on later projects.
  • Developed, deployed and implemented enterprise level Academic Management System (NeON) using ASP.net, C#, Crystal Reports and SQL Server
  • Executed Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading for various projects (Oracle to SQL Server)
  • Responsible for maintenance, support and operations of National University Admission and testing system (NUTES). (ASP.net. VB.net and Oracle)
  • FAST-NU Official website, Alumni and Job portal (www.nu.edu.pk), Alumni Portal and Job portal. (ASP.net, MVC, C# and SQL server)
  • Designed & Developed Al-Aqreba Urdu Magazine Website (www.alaqreba.com) (ASP.net, C# and SQL Server)
  • Designed and developed Euro Medics www.euro-medics.net (ASP.net. C# and SQL server)
  • Developed Simple Model Data Collection and Reporting Procedures for Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling infrastructure in Pakistan (MVC, Entity framework. C#.Net and SQL server)
  • Developed GIS based Windows Server Application for GPS Tracking device to obtain real time coordinates, parse it and send it to server using TCP/IP. (C#.net and SQL server 2008)

Education and Qualifications

Year Qualifications Level Institution
2012 IBM Certified Database Associate (DB2 9 Fundamentals) FAST National University Yes
2010 Master of Science - Software Engineering Master's Degree Bahria University Yes
2009 Ethical Hacking Bahria University - IEEE Chapter Yes
2007 Microsoft Web Tools Training FAST National University Yes
2006 Bachelor of Computer Sciences Bachelor Degree COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Yes

IT Skills

Software Skills

  • Excel (Intermediate)
  • Power Point (Intermediate)
  • Photoshop Pro (Intermediate)
  • Dreamviewer (Intermediate)
  • Sitecore (Advanced)

System Skills

  • Oracle (Intermediate)
  • Toad (Intermediate)
  • JIRA (Intermediate)
  • QTP (Intermediate)
  • TFS (Intermediate)
  • SSL (Intermediate)
  • SQL Server (Advanced)

Coding Skills

  • C# (Advanced)
  • .NET (Advanced)
  • CSS (Advanced)
  • HTML (Advanced)
  • ASP.NET (Advanced)
  • VB (Advanced)
  • Entity Framework (Advanced)
  • LINQ (Advanced)
  • AJAX (Advanced)
  • Crystal Reports (Advanced)
  • Bootstrap (Advanced)
  • AngularJS (Advanced)
  • JQuery (Advanced)
  • Javascript (Advanced)
  • Sitecore (Advanced)