.Net Developer
NSW - Sydney
Software - Developer
Software Engineer
Team Leader
Software & Applications Programmer
Software Tester
Software - Architect

I am qualified .Net application developer with over 8 years of experience and Master Degree in related field.


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CHOICE Magazine - .Net Web Developer
Media & Telecommunication - IT & Communications
NSW, Australia
Software - Developer
Software Engineer
Team Leader
Sitecore developer
  • Development and maintenance of new modules of Choice website and other in house applications, developed in .Net and sitecore
Web Design Solutions Sydney - Software Developer
IT Services, Software & Hardware - IT & Communications
NSW, Australia
Software & Applications Programmer
Software Engineer
  • Australian Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme PBS issue a monthly schedule for subsidised medicine to pharmacies. My role was to develop a system to convert XML based schedule into readable format for other systems.
  • Developed an application for transforming Australian Pharmaceutical Benefit scheme’s (PBS) XML/XSLT data into SQL Server based tabular data for easy integration with other systems. (C#.net, MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server)
FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences - Sr. Software Engineer
Education & Training - IT & Communications
Software & Applications Programmer
Software Engineer
Software Tester
Software - Architect
Team Leader
  • requirement gathering from end users and interaction with management for building of customized solutions
  • mentor the application development team
  • create project plans for new developments including resource management and assignment of tasks within the team
  • liaise with higher management regarding application development progress
  • management and configuration of central source code repository for multiple applications
  • provide user training and ad-hoc reporting using SQL queries and Crystal Reporting
  • development and implementation of new in-house modules and software such as Academics Management System (NeON
  • installation, configuration and monitoring of windows servers
  • deployment of application releases to the distributed servers
  • maintenance of existing in-house applications and development of new modules in existing applications (ASP.net, C#, SQL Server and Oracle 11g)
  • maintenance, support and development of FAST-NU web applications such as NU Official website, Alumni portal and Job portal
  • customize existing academic software such as RADIX and NUTES according to comply with academic rules and polices
  • provide 2nd and 3rd level support for multiple applications for users
  • Developed an automated Student-Course registration module, in accordance with university rules and policies, which eliminated the need for students to submit paper based forms and the course coordinator role from the process.
  • Successfully introduced and established department wide source code repository system (TFS) for continuous integration and to facilitate other developers.
  • Initiated and deployed Secure Socket Layer (SSL) across all 5 campuses which reduced unsecured exposure
  • Developed work flow based grade generator module for faculty, which increased productivity, usage of system and removed manual work after deployment.
  • Designed, developed and implemented windows based service for RFID reader. This helped management to track records of all employees and streamlined the human resource process. (Win Forms, C#.net)
  • Outstanding job performance enabled rapid career progression and promotion from Software Engineer to Sr. Software Engineer and Team Lead position.
  • Completed Master’s degree in 2 years during full time work. At the same time mentored 2 trainees, both of whom were given responsible positions on later projects.
  • Developed, deployed and implemented enterprise level Academic Management System (NeON) using ASP.net, C#, Crystal Reports and SQL Server
  • Executed Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading for various projects (Oracle to SQL Server)
  • Responsible for maintenance, support and operations of National University Admission and testing system (NUTES). (ASP.net. VB.net and Oracle)
  • FAST-NU Official website, Alumni and Job portal (www.nu.edu.pk), Alumni Portal and Job portal. (ASP.net, MVC, C# and SQL server)
  • Designed & Developed Al-Aqreba Urdu Magazine Website (www.alaqreba.com) (ASP.net, C# and SQL Server)
  • Designed and developed Euro Medics www.euro-medics.net (ASP.net. C# and SQL server)
  • Developed Simple Model Data Collection and Reporting Procedures for Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling infrastructure in Pakistan (MVC, Entity framework. C#.Net and SQL server)
  • Developed GIS based Windows Server Application for GPS Tracking device to obtain real time coordinates, parse it and send it to server using TCP/IP. (C#.net and SQL server 2008)

Education and Qualifications

Year Qualifications Level Institution
2012 IBM Certified Database Associate (DB2 9 Fundamentals) FAST National University Yes
2010 Master of Science - Software Engineering Master's Degree Bahria University Yes
2009 Ethical Hacking Bahria University - IEEE Chapter Yes
2007 Microsoft Web Tools Training FAST National University Yes
2006 Bachelor of Computer Sciences Bachelor Degree COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Yes

Tickets, Permits and Licences

Year Name Institution
- C - Car - No

IT Skills

Software Skills

  • Excel (Intermediate)
  • Power Point (Intermediate)
  • Photoshop Pro (Intermediate)
  • Dreamviewer (Intermediate)
  • Sitecore (Advanced)

System Skills

  • Oracle (Intermediate)
  • Toad (Intermediate)
  • JIRA (Intermediate)
  • QTP (Intermediate)
  • TFS (Intermediate)
  • SSL (Intermediate)
  • SQL Server (Advanced)

Coding Skills

  • C# (Advanced)
  • .NET (Advanced)
  • CSS (Advanced)
  • HTML (Advanced)
  • ASP.NET (Advanced)
  • VB (Advanced)
  • Entity Framework (Advanced)
  • LINQ (Advanced)
  • AJAX (Advanced)
  • Crystal Reports (Advanced)
  • Bootstrap (Advanced)
  • AngularJS (Advanced)
  • JQuery (Advanced)
  • Javascript (Advanced)
  • Sitecore (Advanced)