HSE Advisor
VIC - Northeast
Health & Safety (HSE)

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Ertech Holdings Pty Ltd - HSE Advisor
Construction & Infrastructure - Workplace Health, Safety, & Environment
WA, Australia
Health & Safety (HSE)
  • 1. Development & support of safety and environmental programmes site wide.
  • 2. Manage all Environmental and Safety aspects of any new development including preparation of Environmental Impact Statement, Baseline Reports, Planning Application and Integrated Pollution Control Licence Application.
  • 3. Ensuring that adequate records are maintained for demonstration of conformance to Health, Safety and Environmental requirements under WA Legislation.
  • 4. Advise line management on design and correct use of plant and equipment, identify unsafe working conditions and practices, carry out inspections and make recommendations for correcting defects found
  • 5. Recommend suitable PPE and safety equipment for all site personnel.
  • 6. Check compliance with statutory requirements codes of practice and guidance relevant to the organisation.
  • 7. Ensure that all necessary registers, records and incident reports are being maintained.
  • 8. Recommend appropriate safety training programmes to develop awareness at all levels and provide specialist knowledge where appropriate.
  • 9. Assess the hazards of materials used on site and planned to be used recommending, correct protection procedures to be used and monitoring programmes for personnel.
  • 10. Assist in the investigation of accidents, incidents and near misses to establish the cause and recommend actions to prevent re-occurrence.
  • My main achievement whilst working with Ertech, has been working in harmony with Site Management staff and fellow HSE Advisors, to reduce the likelihood of major incidents on site.
Gold Coast City Council - Environmental Health Officer
Environmental Health Officer
  • Acted as a delegate for council and performed requirements of an authorised officer under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, the Food Act 2006, Food Safety Standards, the Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act 2001, the Public Health Act 2005 and Local Government Ordinances.
  • Interpreted and applied relevant legislation, procedures and processes to ensure desired environmental health outcomes.
  • Conducted environmental site audits and investigations to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, standards and approvals.
  • Secured quality evidence of non-compliance to permit enforcement action.
  • Liaised and negotiated with internal and external customers to achieve sound environmental health outcomes.
  • Prepared memorandums and briefing notes for council delegates, management and committees.
  • Continually reviewed and analysed existing work processes and practises to identify areas of improvement.
  • Investigated, resolved and reported on environmental incidences, complaints and non-conformance. ;
Major Hazard Facilities - Executive Officer
  • Developed the Major Hazard Facilities (MHF) policy under the guidance of Comcare, Australia and liaised with major defence stakeholders - Army, Air force, Navy and Public Service Sector - for implementation, training and management of the policy.
  • Conducted site audits and investigations of defence establishments holding large quantities of stock in relation to MHF (ammunition, explosives, fuels and petroleum).
  • Trained staff on risk management as detailed in Commonwealth legislative requirements.
  • Prepared formal reports detailing audit results, statistical data and training and management information of MHF.

Education and Qualifications

Year Qualifications Level Institution
2007 Certificate - Workplace Training and Assessment Certificate Dept of Defence TDO Yes
2005 Master of Social Science - International Development Other Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Yes
1992 Graduate Diploma - Occupational Health Graduate Diploma University of Technology Sydney Yes
- Other HSE No

Tickets, Permits and Licences

Year Name Institution
- HR - Heavy Rigid - No