Agile QA Engineer
NSW - Western
Software Tester
Testing & QA

This is Latha. Totally I have 6+ years of experience in Manual and Automation testing using selenium framework,




Private - Agile QA Engineer
IT Services, Software & Hardware - IT & Communications
NSW, Australia
Software Tester
Testing & QA
  • Created Test Cases based on Functional Requirement and prepared and executed it.
  • Automated System testing for e-commerce web application and payment methods using Selenium WebDriver, java.
  • Developed, executed and maintained over 50 Selenium automation scripts for trading web application.
  • Developed Hybrid automation framework in java by using Page Objects framework, Keyword Driven & Data Driven frameworks.
  • Automated running smoke tests and build report generator for daily builds.
  • Prepare Daily Status Report of the tests performed in System Testing.
  • Worked on Agile SCRUM Project team environment. ;
  • Performed System testing, Function and Adhoc testing in the Released build.
  • Performed Positive and Negative testing to verify Functionality during System testing.
  • Used HP QC as a repository for Test Cases and as online bug tracking tool.
  • Responsible for Test case automation, scripts review and rework
  • Having experience on Order Mod, Order Capture, payments and Returns.
  • Understanding the complete process and validating and cross browser testing the HTML's based on the designs approved.
  • Initially was assigned the task of fixing GUI related bugs raised by the Testing team.
  • Made part of the testing team called as Solution and Verification Unit (SVU)
  • Involved in preparing the Test Plans for testing to be carried out effectively.
  • Analyzed the GAP documents to create Test Scenarios and Test Cases.
  • Reviewed the cases prepared by other team mates and suggested improvements if required.
  • Tested the manual creation of Transactions which are initiated by a Customer, or a Bank to Bank Transfer.
  • Working with the compliance team to understand the Business rules and ensuring that all rules are covered in the test cases.
  • Understanding the solutions from development team, writing acceptance criteria, Peer review and final review of test reports before delivery.
  • Providing demo to Business, seek signoff for every module/feature.
  • Automated System and Regression Test Cases using Selenium2.x.
  • Developed Test Scenarios, Test conditions and Test cases.
  • Interacted with developers, users and various members of my team to discuss and to resolve defects and their priorities
  • Responsible for Test case automation, scripts review and rework
  • And responsible for testing on diff Browsers & its diff versions.
Lufthansa Airways - Developer
  • Coding for Hibernate persistence classes and Mapping and config XML Files.
  • Responsible for Designing and Coding JSF's (controller beans and faces-config.xml).
  • Responsible for implementing validations using JSF Validators. ;
  • Involved in Coding, Bug fixing and Unit Testing.
- - Software Designer
Lufthansa Airways - Developer
  • Responsible for Coding Baking Bean classes, Session Beans for Business Logic Implementations. ;
  • Responsible for designing and coding JSP's. ;
  • Responsible for coding DAO classes and helper classes. ;
  • Involved in Coding, Bug fixing and Unit Testing.

Education and Qualifications

Year Qualifications Level Institution
2005 Master of Computing Master's Degree SV University No

Achievements Summary

Scrum Master Accredited Certification (SMAC) by International Scrum Institute. IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Sterling Order Management V9.1

IT Skills

Software Skills

  • Word (Advanced)
  • jenkins (Intermediate)
  • Agile (Advanced)

System Skills

  • Ellipse (Advanced)
  • tomcat (Advanced)

Coding Skills

  • Java (Advanced)
  • HTML (Advanced)
  • Sql (Advanced)
  • selenium webdriver (Advanced)
  • cucumber (Advanced)
  • junit (Advanced)
  • webservices (Advanced)